Sniper Rifle


The most powerful sniper rifle on the market. It fires a .80 caliber round, cutting through most armor like butter. It is used in the military to shoot through tanks(or other heavily armored vehicles), killing the operating personnel inside. A headshot will almost always leave the toughest organism lifeless


Long Range

Power (est)


Range (est)


Accuracy (est)


Rate of Fire (est)


Ammo (est)

2/8 [5 Shots, 1/6 Clips]


The most powerful sniper rifle is designed in navy blue highlights and a long thin barrel so that wind does not affect the shot's precise aim. Insted of just one shot, three ahots will leave the target lifeless. Sniper Rifles are valued for their excellent range and accuracy. They have slightly lesser power than the Railgun, but it fires faster (at least x2 as fast).

Sniper Rifle

The Sniper Rifle will 'snipe' your head and leave your brain spilling out.

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