Bio Uzi


The Bio Uzi uses canisters of highly condensed mixtures of Toxic Waste and acid. When fired, this mixture combines with oxygen in the air, expanding it greatly and giving it its watery nature. On impact with any surface, the mixture splashes and sticks to nearby objects, corroding and burning right through them. Even the toughest of armors are no match for the toxic and acid combination









Rate of Fire



6/8 [16 Shots, 1/6 Clips]


The Bio Uzi is a small uzi with a canister of green liquid on it. This canister is believed to contain the mixture that makes the gun deadly. The Bio Uzi, contrary to its description, cannot shoot through walls or melt them, which is a disappointment. The Bio Uzi shoots two green blobs at one time, each dealing moderate damage. Its shots goes in a slight arc, reducing accuracy. These facts combined with its nature, make it a close combat gun to watch out for.

Bio Uzi

Bio Uzi, the Close Combatant that melts through its enemies.


  • It's best used when you can plan the trajectory and arc of the shots, to reach enemies that would not be reachable otherwise.
  • You also must time the difference between the first shot and the second, to avoid hitting allies.
  • Escaping a large amount of shots is very elementary for a skilled player; simply jump and double jump, but you must time them carefully.


  • It is your primary weapon when you test out the new Prototype Robot in the Human Campaign.

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